Most frequent questions and answers

Welcome to chubsuit.com! We’re home of the best inflatable costumes for any event. If you’re looking for costume ideas for Halloween, a new cosplay, or a funny costume for a sporting event, a Chub Suit is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Whether you want an inflatable Sumo wrestler costume for Halloween or an inflatable “left” shark, we’ve got you covered. We make sure our chubsuits are great quality by working closely with the manufacturer. We have an inflatable giraffe, Slenderman, Soccer Ball, Santa, Tuxedos and more. Our Chub Suits are fun, affordable, and very easy to wear when you need a quick and easy Halloween costume.

A chubsuit is an inflatable body suit with a built-in fan for kids and adults!

Yes, we have two sizes: Adult and Teen. We recommend people under 5’0″ to purchase the Teen size chubsuit!

Yes, we ship worldwide!

Yes, hand wash carefully, don’t damage the fan!

You should wear clothes, but you can go commando if you’d like!

Yes, just don’t drive any motor vehicles while wearing the chubsuit mask.

We sell our products through Amazon because customers really trust Amazon. They have great order tracking, customer service, payment processing, and more.


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