“I bought the red Chub Suit and was extremely satisfied with my purchase. The gloves, socks, and mask they include have a nice fit. I can’t wait for Halloween to come around so I have a reason to wear my Chub Suit again.” -Alex

“The Chub Suit is amazing. I had a party at my house and put it on and everyone loved it. It’s a great time.” -Corey

“This was for my 16 year old son to wear to a halloween party. When we got it and he tried it out, it was hilarious and fit perfectly. It was a HUGE hit at the party (he was the center of attention) and had a great time with it!” -Steve

“I weigh around 275 pounds and wasn’t sure how this would fit me, but it fit like a charm! It’s as fun as it looks!” -Richard

“I am short (5’4?) so I was nervous this wouldn’t fit me properly. It just blows up more to make up for what I don’t fill out! Mask, gloves, and socks are in great/new condition. The fan has a clip so it can attach to your pants/shorts. It keeps the suit cool. It has an incredible entertainment value for the price!” -Lauren

“Very spacious, fun, and makes you want to breakdance!” -Ray